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Practising with Pattern Vocabulary:

Motif types, direction, orientation, and rhythm.

The common motif types are Geometric, Figuristic and Floral Repetition of grids.

They are three main categories:

Building a pattern design:

Directional Prints: One way, Two ways,

Non-Directional Prints: Tossed print, four way, They are in north, south, east, west directions.

Repeat types: Tossed print, four way, (they are in north, south, east, west directions.)

horizontal, vertical, diagonal, brick, half drop or combination of all of these.

Spot Repeats: Keeping your motifs in different sequence by creating a structure.

Geometric Patterns and How to Use Them

Shapes are the basisi of most images and design. Diffrent shapes can evoke different meanings.

The most common shapes - rectangles, circles, triangels, rhombuses, and hexagons- can be broken down into something like this:

  • Rectangles/Squares: Balance and Tradition

  • Circles: Infinity, Protection, and Femininity

  • Triangles: Stability, Energy, and Aggression

  • Rhombus: Vibrant and Contemporary

  • Hexagons: Unity and Balance