About me

I'm an Illustrator/Vector Artist from London who has experience working in different local communities' environments. I strongly believe that to become a visual artist takes more than skill and strength but passion, resilience, commitment, and discipline. Therefore, I will be good at inspiring participants to generate new interesting ideas by bringing clarity and focus on their intended outcomes at their own pace.


My PREVIOUS Ba and Ma Degrees Portfolio 

I graduated from the London College of Communication at University of Arts. Studying for BA (Hons) degree in Graphic & Media Design in 2014.
In achieving any task, I ask for purpose, goals, and objectives. In my work process, I do general research and establishing a statement of understanding, and carrying on doing more focused research. My experimentation finalizes with evaluating my visual response and finally many constructing mock-ups shows below; 
 Project title 1: UCHI Exhibition Display
For my final year, I particularly enjoy working on developing conceptual 3D Design. As part of my course, one of my design projects, I produced an exhibition display called UCHI (which means home in Japanese), which features the exhibition of Japanese household objects.
I took a methodical approach by planning and recording the creative process of developing 3D models. I ensured that the models were communicative in the best possible way that connects with the visitor’s imagination and interests.
 Project title 2: The Geometric Light
         “Pleasant” versus “unpleasant”
“Public” versus “private”
      “Spacious” versus “confined” 
“Relaxed” versus “tense”
       “Visually clear” versus “hazy”
             "Bright/dim" level of illumination
                                     "Peripheral", (or wall) lighting                            
                                                         By Delores Dee Ginthner
Lighting is for people, must be an understanding of the visual quality of surroundings and enjoyment. For the people, the aesthetics, appearance of space and colour. (Make people happy and relaxed) Lighting affects moods differently.  Mood or impression that lighting provides joy witan space How the lighting affects the behavior of people using the space is also of considerable for the design of the space. How is behaviour affected by lighting?
Thinking about the layers of light and how light affects the users of a space on both psychological and behavioral level will present you with a mental lighting design concept when someone says—how do you light an expensive candy store, a funeral parlor or—? Lighting is a key factor in helping the space meets the intent of its owner and the needs of its users.
Project Title 3: Chairs and Tables 
Every Chair has a character. It has four legs, it has a face, and it has a personality. Seeing it in relation to a table or another chair or to a human tells a lot. Chairs seem to summaries aspects of culture and community. You can tell design history by chairs but also you can tell a lot about a different way of living. My particular challenge was to design a functional product that allowing me to explore its mechanical devices and giving it new forms and purpose. I should first reconsider both products aspect and purposes that contribute its value benefiting human needs.  The result of this practice will help me to engage with product design principles and theories.  

Studying for an MA degree in Fine Art.  My biggest motivation in Art is the finding new strategies in the image making process. One of the most intriguing enigmas about creative people is the origin of their motivations. For me, Visual art is a problem-solving device conveys meaning beyond written language through the arrangement of visual elements in two/dimensional space.

The artists that have inspired my artworks so far Henri Matisse, Bridget Riley, Carl Andre, Donald Judd, David Batchelor, Frank Stella, Joseph Albers, Johannes Itten, Karen Klimnik, Patrick Henry Bruce, Victor Vasarely, and Robert Mangold.   ​

Project title 4:

My portfolio has been broken down into two areas of interest; Abstract and Conceptual Art. I particularly enjoy discovering the significant meaning in using colours in a minimalistic way.

My practical experience with colours has been expanded since I have attended a series of Marbling Art (Ebru) workshops. I have the first-hand experience manipulating colours using ancient traditional techniques. In the second section of my portfolio, I have demonstrated a range of nature-related prints via handmade and digital media.

Project title 5: How to Liv/ what to eat

This project is about seven days dieting experience that measures daily calories of food we eat at home. I documented my family's shopping list to make it real as possible. The food images I designed is being used as icons for interpreting healthy eating habits. The overall aim of this project is families to make informed decisions and act upon their shopping experiences by using a simple system for healthy dieting. I used a colour coding system for memorizing Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs). For instance, red is used for fatty food and it is placed at the top of a fridge.