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Using Leaves for Nature Drawing

Leaves and botanicals are the perfect subject matter for sketching, creative journaling, and for doodling as a way to relax and unwind.

1. Gather various leaves, flowers, cones, twigs, and other curiosities. Photos work also.

2. Transfer your natural raw nature materials into drawings which leads new possibilities for your art.

3. Capture a distinctive features of each items and translate observations into a pen & ink drawing.

Pen and Ink Materials for this drawing:

Three ink lines width number 0,3, 0.5

HB graphite pencil

A sheet of thick paper.


Methods: Sketching the natural subject.

1. Arrange subjects on a sheet of paper. Mark the borders of paper.

2. Remember the contour lines determines the character of an object and makes it more recognisable.

3. Pay attention to contour lines.

4. Add inks to drawings.

fig leaf, palm leaves, mint leaves, sage leaves...