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How to Draw a Mouse

How to draw a mouse:

Step one: Draw a shape similar to on egg as a guide for the head. Step two: Draw a slightly bigger circle behind the head shape as a guide for the body. Step three: Inside the head, draw two cross lines. These will be the guides to help us place the eye and other face futures. Step four: Draw two arcs on top of the head shape for ears. Step five: Starting on the right of the body draw a curved line for the tail.

Step six : Start pressing harder with your 6B pencil to get a more defined sketch: Step seven: Draw the eye, sketch a circle above the area where the lines cross. Add some smaller lines around ears and head to represent the fur area. Step eight: Draw the bottom nose at the end of guide lines. It is a similar to upside down triangle. Step nine: Draw three lines of whiskers. Step ten: Using the guidelines draw the feet, remember the fingers must be tiny and legs are furry.

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